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KABE FARBEN- KARL BUBENHOFER AG is a Swiss company developed from a painters’ supply business, which produces finish and protection materials for building surfaces (i.e. paints, external wall insulation systems, building chemicals etc.) It was established as a manufacturer in 1926 in Gossau, Switzerland by Karl Bubenhofer. From that date, it has sustained its family character. Thanks to its committing to tradition and innovation, KABE products and system solutions used on construction sites continue to play a major role in modern construction.
KABE's proud history and its entrepreneurial confidence and activities - which are based on 100 years of commercial success and maturing values and standards - creates a wide range of coating solutions (plasters, paints etc) that will not only satisfy even the most demanding customer’s taste and requirements, but will also withstand the rigors of the future. That quality and competence in facade coating systems combined in the best way to achieve the highest building standards offer excellent protection against weather conditions and guarantee long lasting functionality of the building envelope.
KABE THERM is the second oldest insulation system in Europe and achieves the desired thermal perfomance at a competitive cost. The system also offers the extraordinary polisilicate finish coat NOVALIT patented by KABE that can last at least twice as long as any other finish coat on the market.

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