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martom doors ireland


Why should you buy a door made in hybrid technology?

The idea behind Martom hybrid doors is to intelligently combine different materials to achieve optimum performance. This means making use of their advantages while at the same time eliminating the disadvantages. There are many types of exterior doors on the market. The most popular are wooden, aluminium, steel or plastic doors. All these materials have advantages, but also disadvantages, which translate into the properties of the door and its price.

Which thermal standard to choose for a given type of building?

The thermal insulation of a door is best illustrated by the heat transfer coefficient Ud. It determines how much heat will „escape” through a 1 m2 area of a door. The lower the Ud value is, the better the material protects against heat loss. This means that twice as much heat will escape through a door with a coefficient of Ud = 1.4 W/m2K than through a door with a coefficient of Ud = 0.75 W/m2K.

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