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  • Oknoplast | MBC Project - Oknoplast Ireland

    CONTÁCTENOS PUERTAS Y VENTANAS DE PVC Explore our range of premium uPVC windows and doors from Oknoplast haga clic aquí PUERTAS Y VENTANAS DE ALUMINIO We offer a vast selection of Aluminium windows and doors for all types of projects haga clic aquí PUERTAS COMPUESTAS Y ACERO Composite and Hybrid front doors from Apeer, Martom and Rhino Aprende más

  • Products | MBC Project

    Oknoplast OUR PRODUCTS Allux Aluminium Martom Front Doors Choose a product Rhino Front Doors Apeer Front Doors Roof Windows

  • About us | MBC Project

    ABOUT US Here at MBC Project we believe that quality is the key to success in any industry. That is why we only provide the highest quality products from top European manufacturers. We are the official exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for excellent brands: Oknoplast, KABE , Stone Master. We have been operating in the UK and Irish markets since 2008, always staying up-to-date with new technological developments and innovative solutions or even being promoters of such. We want to make sure that our contractors are qualified to deliver high quality services to homeowners, so we monitor and support all contractors on a job by job basis, which ensures this level of quality. Our aim is to provide energy efficient solutions to prevent heat loss in British and Irish homes and cut heating costs by up to 40% with the KABE THERM insulation system as well as highly energy-efficient windows and doors from Oknoplast , Eurostyl and Martom . We are a technical distributor of materials approved by the British Board of Agrément (BBA) and the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) . The products we offer and our internal technical procedures have also been certified by the audit of Quality Assured National Warranties (QANW). MBC Project supports sustainable building by providing not only the highest quality products but also professional and reliable technical support to all contractors and architects .

  • PVC Windows and Doors | Oknoplast

    PUERTAS Y VENTANAS DE PVC Oknoplast Disponemos de las ventanas y puertas más vendidas en Europa de Oknoplast. Las ventanas de doble acristalamiento, triple acristalamiento, pasivas y estándar de Oknoplast vienen con una garantía de 10 años. Hay muchas opciones disponibles, pero cortamos la jerga para obtener el producto adecuado para usted. Haga clic aquí para ver nuestra gama Haga clic aquí para ver nuestra gama Click here to download our Brochure

  • Allux Aluminium Windows and Doors | MBC Project

    PUERTAS Y VENTANAS DE ALUMINIO El aluminio puede ofrecer grandes beneficios. Puede ser diseñado por nuestros diseñadores internos para adaptarse a cualquier aplicación. ¿Necesita una ventana grande en su nueva construcción pero no sabe qué comprar? Te tenemos cubierto. Scroll down to view our range ALLUX 104 PASSIVE Thanks to its excellent thermal performance, the thermally broken window and door system Allux 104 Passive meets all the requirements for the components used in passive buildings. This was confirmed by certificates granted by the Passive House Institute Darmstadt. This system is intended for fabrication of external structure elements such as various types of windows, doors, shop fronts and spatial structures, which are highly resistant and characterized by excellent water & air tightness, and thermal & acoustic insulation performance. View Technical Info ALLUX 86 Allux 86 - Allux 86 - Allux 86US ​ This highly efficient window and door system meets the diverse needs of users. The system's profiles have been designed in 3 versions depending on the requirements of thermal energy savings: ST, SI and AERO. MB-86 is the world's first aluminium window and door system to use aerogel – a highly thermally-insulated material. ​ Highly resistant profiles are yet another advantage of MB-86 system – they allow for producing large-size and heavy structures. Also, MBC Project offers a version for windows with concealed sash MB-86US as well as a thermally broken, outward opening window system – the MB-86 Casement. View Technical Info ALLUX 75 INVISIBLE This system of high quality window and door profiles with thermal break are applicable where the more severe standards for acoustic and thermal insulation are required. The slim profiles with minimum visible width are not only contributing to the aesthetics of your home, but also to a maximum incidence of light. The Max Light system is available in different style varieties: ‘Modern’, ‘Steel’, ‘Design’ and 'Invisible'. That’s why there is always a solution for every project, be it renovation or new construction. For more information you can contact one of our Sales Advisors View Technical Info ALLUX 77 SLIDE This lift & slide patio door system provides an elegant and functional solution to open up the space. Remarkably light and easy to use, it is one of the most popular sliding door systems in Europe. ​ The smart design of profiles in Allux 77 Slide allows us to reach sizes generally unachievable by most suppliers. Whether it's unusual height, width or both, we are sure to have a solution for it. ​ With its highly-advanced thermal insulation, this product is also suitable for energy-efficient buildings. View Technical Info ALLUX 86 BI-FOLD Exterior folding doors offers greater flexibility to its users. It enables us to use weather conditions to our advantage and virtually eliminate the barrier between the interior space and its surroundings. Such door can perfectly combine the interior space (home, café, restaurant) with the terrace or the outside area that is used seasonally. ​ With its excellent technical parameters, MBC86 FOLD LINE is a very convenient solution that enables the fabrication of large-dimension structures. Folding doors can be opened both outwards and inwards and its leaves can be freely configured. It’s a modern product, designed to meet the high demands of users, architects and owners. View Technical Info

  • Thank you | MBC Project

    Thank you We will be in touch

  • Rhino Composite Doors | MBC Project

    RHINO Rhino Doors are proud to manufacture the very finest front entrance door in Ireland. Our double rebated composite door is just as beautiful as it is strong. ​ We don’t cut corners. Our doors come with an unrivalled 25-year structural warranty – we want the next generation to be as excited about your Rhino Door as you are today. We build beautiful doors that keep your home secure and are reassuringly well made. Coupled with the highest possible security rating, the lowest available energy rating, and the widest range of colour options, this is the front door you want in your home. Rhino Doors are a new entrant to the composite door market in Ireland. Although our company is new, our staff have vast experience manufacturing composite doors, and are proud to take great care of each door as if it were their own. Our door has a 25-year structural warranty, our door hardware come with 25-year anti-corrosion warranty, we offer a 10-year warranty on all moving parts, and our beautiful painted surfaces come with a 10-year warranty against peeling, cracking, blistering or discolouration. But don’t just take our word for it, all our warranties are backed up by our key suppliers. Brochure

  • Apeer Composite Front Doors | The MBC Project

    APEER DOORS Apeer doors from MBC are chosen by homeowners who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance and built-to-last quality. They quickly discover that all this good stuff means plenty more. A quieter, warmer and stylish home. A more relaxed, peaceful and secure life. ​ Wind-proof. Waterproof. Intruder-proof. Salty-air-proof. Jumping-dog-at-the-postman-proof. Kicking-the-door-shut-with-armfuls-of-shopping-proof. We’ve thought of everything that can go wrong with your door. Then made sure it won’t. ​ Sealing heat in while keeping cold out, they are A-Rated by independent testers and far exceed the industry benchmark. By keeping more heat in your home, you’ll keep more cash in your wallet. ​ Your front door is the focal point of your home’s facade. But it’s more than just an entrance. It speaks to the world on your behalf. It reflects your personality and stands for the same things you do. Brochure

  • Surveying | MBC Project

    SURVEYING We aim to make sure our customers are 100% happy with their products. That's why we employ qualified surveyors to carry out site checks to our highest standards. ​ For example: Before placing an order for windows and doors with our factory in Poland, we arrange an appointment with your builder or architect to meet on site if necessary to carry out detail measurements of the openings. ​ Our surveyors will ask all the right questions to ensure no mistakes are made and the installation runs smooth. ​ No mistakes = No waste. In order to receive a free survey please contact us here .

  • Composite and Hybrid Doors | MBC Project

    PUERTAS COMPUESTAS Y ACERO La puerta de entrada es lo que da la bienvenida a familiares y amigos a su nuevo hogar. Hágalo una declaración antes de que entren. Suministramos puertas compuestas y de acero de algunos fabricantes diferentes tanto aquí en Irlanda como en Polonia. Se sorprenderá de lo bajos que son nuestros valores U. Apeer Apeer range of Composite doors are produced in Ireland and built to last. View Rhino Rhino doors are a new range of Composite door assembled in County Wexford. View

  • How to order | MBC Project

    HOW TO ORDER We aim to make ordering products from us as easy and stress free as possible. There are many ways to go about this but in these recent times, travelling to a showroom or trying to meet on site has become an uphill battle. ​ Rest assured we have solutions to those problems. Our Sales Advisors can arrange to meet at a time and location that suits you. We can schedule you an appointment alone in our showrooms, over a Zoom call or over the phone. ​ We can take many forms of payment too. Over the phone via a card payment or we can send you our bank details for you to pay online at your own convenience. Choose your products and colours We will measure up or you can send us drawings from your architect. We quote you with your price. Lock in your price with a 50% deposit We survey everything to be 100% sure of sizes to manufacture. We place the order once all parties are happy. After 6 to 8 weeks we will contact you to arrange installation.

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